Cluster development

Clusters: Ideal conditions for more economic growth  

The State of Brandenburg reorganised its economic structures in 2011. The former industry competence fields were replaced by clusters. Clusters pool the activities of companies, services providers, research institutions, networks, scientific and educational institutions and local government, resulting in higher economic growth.

Intensive networking

The key is intensive networking by all of the players – within and beyond the clusters. For Eberswalde three of the clusters formed by the state are of particular importance: The metal, food  and energy industries have a strong tradition and enormous potential for the future. They are attractive to companies outside of the region and as a result will continue to grow steadily in the next few years.

Targeted funding and relocation policy

The Office for Economic Development and Tourism supports this development process by focusing its funding policy appropriately and with the targeted closure of gaps in the value chains. Here the Office works closely with the Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB).