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Everything for your success

Investors attach importance to a stable environment and the certainty that their money is placed in a good long-term investment – in a location with prospects. Eberswalde meets these criteria. The economic and educational centre in the north east of Berlin-Brandenburg offers companies a comprehensive service, attractive support and a state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

Driver of innovation for a whole region

Eberswalde is a good place to achieve ambitious goals. In only 20 years it has managed to turn itself from a traditional centre of industry into a modern, diverse technology and service location. Today Eberswalde, as a centre of growth for the State of Brandenburg, sets the pace for the economic development of a whole region.

Economy: Strength through diversity

Besides the dominant metal, food industry and energy technology clusters, numerous companies from the automotive, logistics, health and rail vehicle technology sectors have located in Eberswalde. The highly-specialised innovative companies benefit from a strong network and reliable partners in official agencies and authorities.

Education and culture: Key factors for a high quality of life

In the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Eberswalde has a unique selling proposition: in one of the “greenest” and most dynamic research universities in the country, the potential for sustainable development for business, society and nature is explored. The university is also an important driving force for the regional economy. Eberswalde also has a state-of-the-art vocational college and a diverse school landscape, which takes into account all orientations. Diversity is also a trump card when it comes to the cultural offering with popular events such as “Guten Morgen Eberswalde” (a series of concerts and events) , the “Provinziale” film festival and the “Jazz in E” festival.

Other good reasons to choose Eberswalde

Rich pool of skilled workers: The metropolis region of Berlin-Brandenburg is attracting more and more people. Every company will find the right skilled workers here.

Excellent transport connections: Thanks to the trimodal transport connections (port, motorway and rail), Eberswalde is very easy to reach. The capital city of Berlin is only a 30-minute train journey away, and the increasingly important East and Central European economic regions are also within reach.

High quality place in which to live: With the idyllic Finow Canal, lots of green spaces, the Barnim Nature Park and the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve on their doorsteps, the people of Eberswalde live where others go on holiday.