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We are staying here!

If you choose Eberswalde you choose economic success and long-term prospects. More and more SMEs are being impressed by the location, because it keeps what it promises: good production conditions, a state-of-the-art infrastructure, attractive industrial parks, an excellent service with awareness of the realities and a dynamic economic environment. Here you can achieve a lot.

Stable economic growth

The rising level of employment achieved over many years is a sign of stable economic growth. Eberswalde, as a centre of growth for the State of Brandenburg, sets the pace for the economic development of a whole region. The secret of its success is a clever balance between continuity and innovative spirit. Eberswalde offers the reliable conditions that companies need – and is at the same time open to new ideas and suggestions. Many “soft” location factors also argue for Eberswalde: the rich educational landscape, the idyllic location in the country and the lively cultural life.

Achieving more together

Eberswalde impresses with all of the advantages that make compact locations so successful. All of the players are closely connected – not only the companies with each other, but also the responsible positions in local government. Wherever possible things are resolved taking the shortest path. The Business Service located in the Office for Economic Development and Tourism acts as a link between local government and business. It presents itself as a strong and assertive representative for the interests of all businesses.